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A Framework for Preparing Quality Project in Chemical Engineering Student towards Ways of Thinking and Acting like Project Manager | Original Article

Indrajit N. Yadav*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


One of the challenges faced by students that are involved in the acquisition of an engineering degree, as higher education are related to the difficulties of development of a academic research project. Such challenges are surrounded by incorrect determination of the research scope and complexity, the erroneous estimative for the research conclusion or even finishing with poor quality as something that were not expected by the advisor and other evaluators. These elements culminates in the application of project management that is being studied by institutions and industries over the years and which aims to improve the process of project development in general, including academic projects aimed at scientific research in the university. From the presented scenario, the general objective of this paper is to provide general framework for preparing quality project which helps to improve thinking and acting quality of students.