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Review on Data Deduplication and Integrity Auditing in Cloud | Original Article

Lakshmi Hunashikatti*, P. M. Pujar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


With the boundless advancement in cloud computing technology throughout late years, storing of huge data to cloud has turned out to be an attractive trend; with this the customer can easily store and maintain information. The fact of the matter is to propose two safe systems in particular SecCloud and SecCloud+ which can accomplish both deduplication and secure auditing of data in cloud. The SecCloud structure includes auditor which helps in dividing the record into blocks, each block is doled out an advanced mark and is assigned a digital signature and is checked for its integrity before uploading it on the cloud. The configuration of SecCloud+ empowers secure deduplication and information auditing on encoded information as clients dependably need to scramble their information before exchanging to preserve file confidentiality.