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Implementation of Hybrid-RED Algorithm for Effective Congestion Avoidance in MANETS | Original Article

Shwetha H. R*, Vedananda D. E., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Active Queue Management is a well-known technique for congestion avoidance. The conventional algorithm RED uses the concept of minimum threshold, maximum threshold and average queue length. If the average queue length crosses minimum threshold then the algorithm starts dropping the packets with some probability using some linear function of average queue size. If this average queue size crosses the maximum threshold then packets are dropped with probability 1 and thus RED does not fully utilize the queue space. Thus, a new AQM algorithm – Hybrid-RED is proposed which is a combined approach of MGF-RED(Modified Gaussian Function Based RED) and REDD( Random Early Dynamic Detection) algorithm which replaces the conventional RED’s dropping probability function by a new MGF dropping function and REDD’s adaptive threshold policy. Simulations has been carried out using NS2 and via the comparison and evaluation experiments, it has been proved that Hybrid RED presents better network performance in throughput, packet delivery fraction and number of dropped packets.