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An Approach for Maintaining Secured Data and Data Integrity in Multi Cloud Environment | Original Article

A. A. Javaji*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Cloud Computing has been an emerging technology now-a-days due to its many benefits in terms of low cost and accessibility of data. It allows the organizations to gain access to huge computing resources without capital investment. Many of the industries such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc are enjoying the benefits and advantages of cloud computing. Ensuring the security of cloud computing is a major factor in the cloud computing environment, as users often store sensitive information with cloud storage providers but these providers may be untrusted. Common method used for user security is textual password, which are vulnerable to different types of attacks. To overcome this problem text can be combined together with the different types of colors to generate session passwords called as hybrid authentication for authentication in the multi-cloud environment. There are also some security concerns related to data storage in cloud computing. Provable data possession is used for ensuring data integrity.