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Predictive Model to Classify User Data Based on Sensitivity Level and Providing Security for Sensitive Data | Original Article

Shashank H. K.*, Deepika K. M., Bini Y. Baby, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


With the advent of increasing technology, the data size is also growing rapidly. It is equivalent to say that the data growth rate is almost equal to the growth rate of technology. In such scenario, there is lot of data that has to be stored in some place and manage it. The real challenge lies in how actually to store such huge data, how to manage all the data, how to process the data, how to ensure the security of the data etc. The proposed work ensures a way to classify the database (.sql file) based on the sensitivity level and hence ensures proper security mechanism for the sensitive data. The proposed mechanism works for all kinds of databases with .sql extension.