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Voice Analysis to Determine Sugar Level in Diabetic Patients and Estimates Food to Be Consumed | Original Article

P. Brinda*, S. Vinutha, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In todays stressed life style, food habits of people have changed. Most of them neglects their health which has led to a widespread disease named as Diabetics. This disease can be very dangerous if the diabetic patients do not take control of the food and work on some daily exercises for the body. Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are extreme ends of the level of sugar contents in blood. Estimating the sugar level using the patient’s voice sample can determine the sugar level at the earlier stage. Food sample is used to estimate the sugar contained in the food that the patient is going to consume. This proposal will release the diabetic patients from painful pricking for blood sample. This paper proposes a mobile device which analysis the voice of patient, it is also used to determine the sugar content in food, which further compares the sugar level of patient and food that they are consuming and the system specifies how much amount of food can be consumed. It also specifies the dosage of medicine that the person has to be treated with. This proposed paper will design a mobile device which determines the sugar level in the patients food and compare them, later specifies how quantity of food they can consume along with the medicine that has to be balanced with the sugar level to normal.