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A Comprehensive Study of Forensics Framework to Unearth Methods for Extracting Knowledge from Forensic Data of Digital Devices | Original Article

Aslam J. Karjagi*, Mujammil Dakhui, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Mobile Device Forensics (MF) is an interdisciplinary field comprising of methods applied to a broad range of computing devices, including smartphones and satellite navigation systems. Since last few years, a considerable amount of research has been conducted, considering different mobile device platforms, information extraction methods and data acquisition methods [1].Mobile devices that have huge storage capability always show challenges for forensics experts in collecting information from the mobile devices used in criminal investigations. In the last decade, mobile forensics has calmly resolved cases that would otherwise have gone unsolved, however many cases are still not resolved. Considering that digital and mobile devices are competent of retaining data that are ubiquitous in modern society and that criminals are using these devices with greater occurrence and ability, it shouldn’t be a surprise that mobile forensics is being used in more investigations. Mobile forensics can offer evidence of chronology of events, motivation, activities, links among multiple offenders and insight into an offender’s interests. Nearly every type of investigation has the potential to benefit from mobile forensics. Hence the proposed research work may be developing a comprehensive forensics framework, unearth methods for acquiring forensics data, analyze it and understand its value in the context of mobile phones.