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Cloud Computing Environment | Original Article

Ravindra R. Patil*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The word “cloud computing" is a recent word in the IT world. Behind this word there is a true aim of the future of computing for both in technical and sensible view of what is and is not important. However the term “Cloud Computing" is new but the idea of controlled by one central place computation and storage in distributed data centers maintained by third party companies is not new but it came in way back in 1990s along with distributed computing approaches, like grid computing. Computers that do work for you, but that are stored somewhere else and maintained by other companies is aimed at providing IT as a service to the cloud users on-demand basis with greater flexibility, availability, reliability and scalability with utility computing model. This new technology of computing has huge possible greatness in it to be used in the field of e-authority and control and in rural development perspective in developing countries like India.