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3D Password for Secure Authentication | Original Article

Ashwini Gavali*, Suhasini H., Shilpa R. N., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Providing Authentication to any system leads to provide more security to that system. There are many authentication technique available, Such as textual password, Graphical password, etc. but each of this individually have some limitations & drawbacks. To overcome the drawbacks of previously existing authentication technique, a new improved authentication technique is used. This authentication scheme is called as 3D password. The 3D password is multi-password & multi-factor authentication system as it uses a various authentication techniques such as textual password, graphical password etc. Most important part of 3D password scheme is inclusion of 3D virtual environment. 3D virtual environment is an environment which is consisting of real time object scenarios. It is not actual real time environment, it is just user interface provided to scheme which looks like same as real environment. 3D password is more secured authentication scheme than any other authentication techniques. Because this authentication scheme is more advanced than any other schemes. Also this scheme is hard to break & easy to use. In this paper, we have introduced our contribution towards 3D Password to become more secure & more user friendly to users of all categories. This paper also explains about what is 3D password?, working of 3D password scheme, some mathematical concept related to 3D password, applications of scheme etc. all these concepts are briefly introduced & explained in this paper as per section wise.