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A Survey for Context – Awareness Based Issues in Pervasive Computing | Original Article

Ruksana Maniyar*, Shantesh G. Gollagi, Sumaiya M. Saleem Kakkeri, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


A pervasive computing describes that any users can communicate with any systems in anywhere. In this environment people can interact with embedded computers mostly those are invisible and in which networked devices are awareness of the atmosphere as well as peers. Meanwhile they are able to provide services or use the Services from peers effectively. Context awareness is an important property in pervasive computing which can sense their physical environment and adapt their character accordingly. Now-a-days there are more issues and challenges arising in context awareness. Issues are such as context accuracy, reliability, conflict situation, unexpected adaptation, power management, and security and privacy. To avoid these issues in this survey, different techniques and solutions are recommended and examined. Context prediction method is used to recognize not only the current context but also can predict the future context. However it can handled centralized architecture alone, not yet implement in the decentralized system. Conflict Resolving Policies is used to handle the conflict situation. This is useful for improving the performance of context awareness. And Internet of Things middleware is addressed the scalability, incomplete data and conflict resolution. To avoid those entire scalability, conflict and complexity problem we are in need of efficient intelligence system. Due to large complex data and long computing time the energy issue is arised in context aware. Authentication of user location and information should maintain throughout the process. Hence at last we discussed the issue of security and privacy. The following work analyzes the various issues and challenges and provides sufficient solutions to overcome with it.