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Automatic Testing and fault Diagnosis System for Assembled PCB | Original Article

Vikas K. Salunkhe*, Manjunath P. Patil, Babasaheb G. Patil, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Excellence of PCBS will have an important outcome on the performance of several electronic products. In mass-production of PCBS for electronics manufacturing industries challenge is made to achieve 100% excellence assurance of product. During the manufacturing of PCB various faults are presented which are damaging to precise circuit performance. The industrial environment contains various kinds for faults finding methods in the assembled Printed Circuit Boards (PCBS). Presently there are many test strategies are available for faults diagnosis in assembled Printed Circuit Boards (PCBS) for production line. Based on a wide literature review there were many methods available to determine faults,in most of the test techniques to inspect the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) based on manual visual inspection as well as image processing techniques. These all test strategies find faults in assembled Printed Circuit Board (PCB) without applying the signals. Usually, visual inspection of PCBS is done manually by inspectors. It is known that humans are subject to make mistakes, and they are slow and less reliable, so this paper aims to design and focus on developing a model to calculate the faults in a Printed Circuit Boards (PCBS) manufactured on a given assembly line, when we apply the signals to printed circuit board using embedded platform.