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Renewable Energy Management using Embedded Systems | Original Article

B. S. Bepari*, T. A. Chonche, K. M. Potadar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The project titled Solar Energy Based Dual Meter is an attempt to achieve maximum utilization of the solar energy. The basic function of the Dual Meter is to give supply when mains 230 voltage is not there. When supply is there, the Dual Meter charges the Battery to its limit using AC mains. This system stores the energy when it is available and uses it when there is no supply. That means total units consumed are almost same as Dual Meter draws more current to charge the battery. And the system wholly depends upon the Power Supply Authority for the supply. But this Solar Energy Based Dual Meter eliminates that dependency and allows the Dual Meter to charge the battery using naturally available energy, Sun.