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Recent Trends, Future Perspectives and Career Options of Embedded Technologies | Original Article

Gururaj S. Pati*, Geeta Patil, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Due to rapid advances in the field of electronics, robotics, wireless communications, and networking, devices around us with a small processor/sensor embedded within them (called embedded systems), communicate with all other devices around, making our lives much more connected and easily accessible than ever before. Embedded systems are controlled by instructions stored on a chip, and are also known as real time systems since they respond to an input or an event within a guaranteed time to produce the result. Today’s embedded technologies and systems are becoming more intimate and control to human lives. There are a number of challenges encircling the use of embedded technology like energy consumption, security, privacy, and human-computer interaction. With the latest advances in health monitoring and other related applications, we expect that, it is the time to reveal the extent to which embedded system developments might offer a paradigm shift in this context. This paper will bring together the recent trends in embedded technology, real-world applications, future perspectives, and various career options of embedded technologies.