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A Study on Bending and Free Vibration Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Composite Plate Based On First Order Shear Deformation Theory | Original Article

Krishna Nalagi*, Shravan B. Kerur, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Composite laminated plates are used in various fields now days due to their high advantages and better performance. These advanced materials help us to explore the new possible things without relying on existing ordinary materials like metals. The present paper discusses the bending and free vibration behavior of laminated composite plate under different loading conditions and boundary conditions. In this study, the hypothesis is based on first order shear deformation theory. The composite plate domain is discretized by using 8 node quadrilateral element. Numerical analysis has been done by creating MATLAB code and results are obtained. The outcomes of results are compared with results available in the literature. The present paper work discusses the effect of number of layers, different boundary conditions and different loading condition on bending and frees vibration behavior. For free vibration analysis Eigen value problem is considered and it is solved using vector iteration method.