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Structural and Magnetic Properties of NiFe2O4 + BaZr0.2T0.8O3 ME Composites for Sensor Applications | Original Article

Pradeep Chavan*, L. R. Naik, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Magnetoelectric (ME) composites with (x)NiFe2O4 + (1-x)BaZr0.2T0.8O3 (x=0.1, 0.2 and 0.3) have been sunthesized by solid state reaction method to study the structural and magnetic properties of the composites. The presence of two phases in the particulate composites was confirmed by X-ray diffraction measurements; ferrite phase retains cubic spinel structure and ferroelectric phase retains tetragonal perovskite structure. The crystallite size of the composites were calculated using Debye-Scherer formula; crystallite size found to be increases. The lattice constant of the ferrites and ferroelctrics increases with increase in mole percentage of ferrite phase attributed to the difference in ionic radii of the elements present in the composites. The porosity of the composites were determined using Hendricks and Adam’s method, which is increased with increase in mole% of the ferrite. The magneitc behavior of the composites were studied using saturation magnetization and magnetic moment and these are found to be increases with increase in applied field; the maximum saturation manetization 8.6839emu/gm is obtained.