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Thermoeconomic Assessment of a Trigeneration System for a Typical Indian Hospital an Assessment Considering Compulsory load Management Scenario | Original Article

S. D. Bagade*, S. R. Mahajan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In India, Hospitals like other large consumers operate a standby Diesel Generator to deal with the load shedding hours. The paper first discusses the selection of engine for trigeneration system for a typical hospital. In trigeneration system, engine exhaust based absorption chiller offsets some of the cooling demand for the hospital wh0ile the thermal energy recovery from the jacket meets the heating load. Selection of diesel generator for trigeneration is done using the energy balance. In energy analysis using first law of thermodynamics, the limits caused by irreversibilities are neglected. Exergy analysis facilitates locating and quantifying the lost exergy. However reduction in exergy losses requires additional capital investment. Thermoeconomic analysis by allocating costs to the exergy streams integrates the second law analysis with exergy analysis. In this study, this proposed plant for meeting the cooling, heating and power demand selected by energy analysis is re-examined using thermoeconomic analysis tool. Sensitivity analysis examines the effect of change in load shedding hours and fuel prices on the thermoeconomic parameters of the trigeneration system.