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Thermal Expansion and Residual Stress Investigation in Al 2024/ Cu-Al-Ni Adaptive Composites by TMA Q400 and X-Ray Diffractometer | Original Article

Kotresh M.*, M. M. Benal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In last few decades, smart materials are being developed widely and become a significant topic for researchers in many areas. The active control of the smart composite structures and automobile parts shape memory alloys plays a major role. The shape memory alloy embedded composites has microscopic scale thermal residual stresses, which are generated during cooling from the high-temperature due difference in CTEs. The composites service temperature causes automobile parts and structures to experience shape memory effect and this varies residual stress field. This investigation presents the relation between residual stress and thermal expansion coefficients are investigated for varying volume fractions of shape memory particles. The thermal expansion and residual stress investigation are carried out by TMA Q400 and high-resolution X-ray Diffractometer. Thermal expansion and residual stress were calculated by subjecting specimens with and without shape memory effect and experimental results were compared.