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Biological Earthing for Domestic Installations | Original Article

Rajendra S. Bardol*, Vageesh V. Guruwodeyar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Electrification of domestic buildings are well planned considering the consumers requirements and the budget. Any electrical installation either small or multi storied, will be provided with earthing installation to protect men and machines. Earthing installations need routine inspections, maintenance of the earth points; however it is not truly done in a proper channel. Normally, earthing of installation involves the process of digging, installing earth electrode, pouring of alternate layers of salt and charcoal, finally connecting the installations with earth continuity conductor, for regular watering brick chambers with funnel shaped plumbing accessories are built. In this paper we wish to present an idea which directly forces us to maintain the earth pit, as it is yielding a byproduct along with the safety of the electrical installation. This also motivates to green the environment, soil multiplication, works even in hard soil, and circulates the water in the soil mass to reduce the earth resistance.