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Rural Electrification with Wind Solar Hybrid Generation System Using MPPT | Original Article

Onkar B. Hedurshetti*, Mohsin A. Mulla, Nanda Huchareddi, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In India the current situation of electricity transmission and distribution system is consistently falling behind in providing satisfactory supply of electricity. Everyday new appliances are coming up which run on electricity because of which there is continuous increase in demand for electricity. But due to limited resources, climatic conditions and majorly due to greater losses in transmission and distribution system these demands cannot be met conveniently. And hence to manage the demands satisfactorily, a utility goes for load shedding. In country like India the rural areas are the worst affected due to frequent load shedding. And 60% of population lives in rural areas. Therefore in this paper a viable solution is discussed where the environment and geographical advantages, such as abundant open lands and trains available at these remote and rural localities, can be utilized for generating to meet local electricity demands. Thereby both environment and people are benfited and Utilities can manage electricity demands satisfactorily. The wind solar hybrid generation system is a kind of generation system that combines wind energy with solar and cause them complement each other to generate power. Use of Maximum Power Point Tracker(MPPT) charge controller makes the system very efficient and reliable.