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Design and Implementation of Smart Automobile System | Original Article

H. R. Zinage*, O. B. Heddurshetti, S. S. Birade, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Amidst the rapid increase in population and urbanization, the use of automobiles is increasing rapidly. Though there are improved safety and security features with advancement in technology, there are no vehicle regulatory systems that provide automation in vehicle monitoring and act violations. The main objective of the work is to have a centralized server based monitoring of vehicles with an advanced security. A unique id is allotted for the vehicle and RFID card (smart card driving license) can be used to identify the object. This provides a way for reducing any possibility of corruption in motor vehicles section. Embedded system is well known for its compact size, processing speed etc. and plays a leading role in security and process management. This security system is simple and cost effective. The major benefit of this proposal is that the secure usage of the driving license & vehicle would be greatly enhanced.