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A Study on Vibrational Properties of Hemp Reinforced Polymer Composite with Cenosphere as Filler Material | Original Article

Vinayak Shivanand Tembad*, Anand K. J., Thippeswamy Ekbote, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In the present work, effect of cenosphere on tensile and vibrational properties of hemp polymer composites are studied. Hemp fiber with two different polymer matrix (epoxy and vinyl ester) and with different percentages of cenosphere as filler were fabricated by hand lay-up technique. Tensile properties were determined by using UTM as per ASTM D-3039 standards. Vibrational analysis of these materials was carried out by using FFT analyzer for fixed-free condition to determine damping ratio and modal natural frequencies. Modal natural frequencies determined experimentally are compared with theoretical and numerical results. Variation of tensile properties, damping ratio with variation of cenosphere in hemp polymer composites were studied. Results revealed that Ultimate tensile strength, Young’s modulus, damping ratio of hemp/epoxy composite are higher compared to hemp/vinyl ester composite for the same percentage of cenosphere. For hemp/epoxy composites ultimate tensile strength, Young’s modulus, damping ratio goes on decreases as the percentage of cenosphere increases however for hemp/vinyl ester composites Ultimate tensile strength, Young’s modulus, damping ratio values increases. Modal natural frequencies determined by different methods are found to be in agreement.