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Magnetic Fluid Grinding | Original Article

Mohan S. Futane*, Sachin A. Mehta, Hareesh Naik, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The better finish may be desired for looks, accuracy, weaving qualities or for any other reason. Some materials like glass, ceramics, acrylic resins & plastics are inherently brittle in nature, so during conventional grinding the cracks may be formed, which can significantly reduce the strength & reliability of the material in service. The conventional grinding followed by lapping or by direct polishing method consumes lot of time & add significantly to the cost of manufacture. To minimize the damage during finishing, it is necessary to process brittle materials under gentle condition that is under controlled low force, which is not possible in conventional grinding. The investigation of non-conventional finishing technology called magnetic fluid grinding in which the cutting force is controlled by the magnetic fluid.