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Design Optimization of Spring Lock Mechanisms in Cable Lock Adaptor Systems Using Finite Element Method | Original Article

M. A. Hipparagi*, N. M. Ukkali, Biradar Anilkumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Din Rail system is used for cable locking purpose. The cables should maintain certain pretension to maintain its straightness from contact between each other. Dins are clamps placed at intermittent distance to maintain pretension in the cables. So the din should take this wire tension loads. So structural analysis is required to prevent any possible failure of the din material. Din should be electrically resistant and soft material for easier clamping (High strength materials does not deflect easily. They require huge forces for clamping). So ABS-Plastic is considered which is a soft material requires minimum force for clamping. Structural analysis is required to observe the stress concentration regions and to improve it. Due to the advances in computer based Finite element techniques, the modification in design is simplified. Optimization of Adaptor spring lock system using finite element analysis is the main definition of the work. The present work involves analysis of adaptor lock system for its present design and modifications from finite element analysis in improving its structural strength for longer life.