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Recent Trends in Heat Power | Original Article

Bhushan Diliprao Choudhari*, Chaitanya Dhananjay Jadhav, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Energy demands are increasing day by day but human beings are unable to meet these needs. Heat Power has a great potential to overcome these needs. Hence it is necessary to work on the recent trends in heat power to bring a revolutionary change across the globe. So it is need of time to avoid wasted heat energy using Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU). In IC Engine (ICE) about 20-45% heat energy is used to produce mechanical energy. Remaining 55-80% is wasted. So; it's time to recover heat energy by using Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) & heat pipes. The low temperature level of the waste heat in cement plants (200 – 400 °C) limits the efficiency to a maximum of 20 – 25%. However, 25 to 30% of plant's power demand can be met through generating power from waste heat.