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Performance and Emission Characteristics Of CI DI Engine Using Blends of Two Biodiesel (Simarouba and Pongamia Biodiesel) and Diesel Fuel | Original Article

Amareshwarayya Hiremath*, B. R. Hosamani, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The performance and emission characteristics of single cylinder CI DI engine using mixture of Simarouba and Pongamia biodiesel in the ratios (S50:P50,S75:P25,S25:P75) respectively with mineral diesel have been experimentally investigated. The brake specific fuel consumption increases with higher percentage of biodiesel in the blends. Brake thermal efficiency decreases with the increased percentage of biodiesel in the blends. The maximum efficiency is found to be 29.6% with pure diesel and 27.2% with pure biodiesel (50% simarouba and 50% pongamia). Carbon mono-oxide and hydrocarbon emissions are reduced with the addition of biodiesel to diesel. NOx emission with pure biodiesel is found to be as same as mineral diesel.