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Biodiesels Used in CI Engines: A Review | Original Article

Namdev Gavde*, Nawal Gandhi, Ashokkumar Vangire, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The investigation on alternative fuels for compression ignition engine has become vital due to reduction of petroleum products and its chief role for pollutants, where vegetable oil assurances finest substitute fuel. Vegetable oils owing to their agricultural source are capable to decrease net CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. But main drawback of vegetable oil is its viscosity, which is greater than that of organic diesel. Hence straight vegetable oil does not provide improved performance. In the current review paper properties of methyl ester kusum oil and its mixture with diesel is equated with diesel and several vegetable oils. Many fuel inlet temperatures, blending proportion, viscosity and several loading situations are some of the parameters that essential to be examined for better engine performance and lowered emissions. In this revision a review of research papers on different working parameters have been organized for better understanding of working conditions and constrains for methyl ester kusum oil and its mixtures powered compression ignition engine.