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Development and Testing of a Basic and Hybrid Thermoset Composite Reinforced with Molluca Nut Powder, E-Glass Fibre and Carbon Nano Fibre | Original Article

Alok A. Kiragi*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Molluca Nut shell powder and E-glass fibre of grade 300 with 5wt % and 15wt % were incorporated into an epoxy resin named Bisphenol A. Tensile and flexural tests were performed for studying the mechanical behaviour of the composites. The tensile and flexural strength of Molluca nut shell powder reinforced composite was found to be increased by 22% and 41% and that of E-glass fibre reinforced composite was found to be increased by 36% and 82% compared to neat epoxy. Hybridization of E-glass fibre(15 wt%) and Carbon Nano Fibre (0.75 wt%) was also incorporated into an epoxy resin. Tensile and flexural strength was found to be increased by 40% and 102.8% compared to neat epoxy.