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Analysis of Stress Concentration Effect around Countersunk Hole in Composite Plate under Transvers Loading | Original Article

B. B. Farande*, V. V. Kulkarni, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Stress concentration around countersunk hole is an important problem for mechanical engineering, used in various engineering applications. Abrupt change in geometry of component is known as stress concentration. The stress concentration around hole in different plate sizes and changes in hole with different loading conditions using FEA to reduce the need and expenditure of experimental testing by developing procedures that allow the use of FEA to simulate experimental stress test For comparison purposes, a structure having similar identical geometry and material properties are used. The FEA results and experimental results are compared and discussed with respect to different loads. And stress concentration is determined under tensile loading by using universal testing machine and strain indicator. The investigations are carried out by varying the tensile load and diameter of the hole. This paper includes mathematical analysis for calculating average strain from which stress is calculated for each specimen according to applied conditions. The calculated parameters such as stress concentration factor, stress, nominal stress are also graphically represented to get summary of the result.