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Synthesis of Slider Crank Mechanism Using Matlab | Original Article

Sunilkumar S. Kattimani*, S. M. Mathapati, G. R. Kothiwale, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In the present work the results of a theoretical investigation on synthesis of a slider crank mechanism using MATLAB is done. A theoretical expression for the motion of piston P in terms of crank length r, connecting rod length l, and constant angular velocity of the crank ω is derived. Thus obtained displacement equation is used in this synthesis. Commonly it is observed that we get a sinusoidal wave for the simple slider crank mechanism. In this synthesis it is found that it is not possible to get the sinusoidal wave for ‘n=l/r’ values ranging from 0.007 to 3 for the mechanism. Also the piston will not move even though the crank rotates when connecting rod length is equal to crank radius. This can be clearly seen by the animation output. This mechanism can be implanted in future applications.