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Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of DI Diesel Engine Operated on WPO, Home and Diesel | Original Article

Veeranna H. Modi*, Jagadeesh A., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The objective of this research is to present results of the performance (Brake power, thermal efficiency and specific fuel consumption) in a heavy-duty diesel engine when fueled with diesel-waste plastic pyrolysis oil (WPO) blends in variable load condition. The tested engine is installed on an engine test bench and is attached with several sensors. The experimentation is conducted to investigate both main and interaction effects. It shows that as the proportion of biodiesel is more, affects the combustion rate and injection pressure. From experiment it proven the optimum blends of 20% reaches the diesel output to the maximum extent .mechanical efficiency is 43%, brake thermal efficiency is 32%, bsfc increased to 20 %, The emission characteristics shows that NOx emission levels are slightly higher and other emissions like CO, HC are compatible with diesel modes of operation. Hence WPO can be used as substitute fuel in place of conventional diesel fuel. The graphical presentations, the discussions and conclusions are also presented.