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Development of Solar Powered Seed Sowing and Fertilizer Spraying Machine | Original Article

Sharad R. Mahajan*, D. G. Mali, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this research paper provides information about the various types of innovations done in seed sowing machine available for plantation and fertilizer sprayer. The seed sowing machine is a key component of agriculture field. Today’s era is marching towards the rapid growth of all sectors including the agricultural sector. To meet the future food demands, the farmers have to implement the new techniques which will not affect the soil texture but will increase the overall crop production. This dissertation deals with the various sowing methods used in India for seed sowing and fertilizer spraying. The comparison between the traditional sowing method and fertilizer spraying and the new proposed machine which can perform a number of simultaneous operations and has number of advantages. As day by day the labor availability becomes the great concern for the farmers and labor cost is more, this machine reduces the efforts and total cost of sowing the seeds and fertilizer spraying. In this dissertation we are development of solar powered seed sowing and fertilizer spraying machine.