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Energy Extraction from Domestic Roof Top Slab to Support Power System. | Original Article

Rajendra S. Bardol*, Kavya Kallimani, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this paper an effort is made to utilize the roof top concrete slab, which gets heated up by absorbing the heat radiated from the sun during day and portion of it is transferred to the environment and the top floor, till mid night. Part of this heat energy is transferred to the top floor electrical consumer premises and are forced to utilize air conditioners or air coolers. A set of copper or aluminum tubes carrying water are arranged at the top of a reinforced concrete slab to transfer the heat energy from the concrete mass. The outcome may be either preserved in a thermally insulated tank or fed to the geyser inlet for further heating to utilize in bathrooms. Heat extraction from the rooms top area helps in cooling at the last floor inner surface, thus reducing in electrical power consumption such as air coolers, Air conditioners, fans etc. In brief it is an economizer to reduce the electrical power consumption.