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Study the Evaluations of Beam Element Retrofitted with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer | Original Article

Munendra Singh*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Reinforced concrete (RC) structures require reinforcing for various components, for example, expanded load, change of the structural systems, basic overhaul or mistakes in the outline and development stages. The side near surface mounted (SNSM) fortifying strategy with glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars is a moderately new rising method for upgrading the flexural limits of existing RC components. Nine RC rectangular pillars were flexural Reinforced with this method and tried under four-point bowing burdens until disappointment. The primary objective of this investigation is to upgrade the basic limit of the RC shafts by fluctuating the measure of fortifying support and bond length. The trial test comes about demonstrated that reinforcing with SNSM GFRP bars altogether upgraded the flexural reactions of the examples contrasted and the control example. The primary splitting and extreme burdens, vitality ingestion limits, malleability and solidness were surprisingly improved by the SNSM strategy. It was likewise affirmed that the bond length of the Reinforced fortification extraordinarily impacts the vitality ingestion limits, pliability and firmness. The impact of the bond length on these properties is huger contrasted with the measure of fortifying support.