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Water Scarcity and Security in India | Original Article

Dharambir Zakhar*, Chander Mohan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Land, water and energy are basic need of human life. Out of these, water is not only an essential element for our survival but is also an important vehicle for economic development of the nation. Although water is a renewable resource, its reserve in nature is imitated. The availability and access to water will be the pre- eminent issue affecting global economic development and the live hoods of poor, given fact the fact that they often suffer the most when resource are scare. India is not isolated from these drivers and hence will need to address these issues as it emerges from a developing to a developed nation. India accounts for 2.45 % of land area and 4% of the water resources of the world but represent 16 % of the world population. With the present population growth rate (1.9 per cent per year), the population is expected to cross the 1.5 million marked by 2050. The ever – expanding water demand of the India‘s growing population and economy, combined with the impacts of climate change are already making water security is major threat in many parts of the country and with it we are witnessing severe damage to livelihoods, human health and ecosystems. UNDP report “Beyond scarcity: Power, Poverty and the Global water crisis” identified water availability per person (supply) was decreasing, while at the same time the amount of water that each person was demand was increasing. Therefore, we have to plan for its sustain development and efficient management so that growing demand of rising population, expanding industries and rapid urbanization are adequately met.