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Analysis of Abdominal Muscular Endurance among Rural and Urban High School Boys. | Original Article

M. Shivarama Reddy*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Today, the large number of people from childhood to old age is performing regular physical activity for the sake of improving or maintaining health and physical well-being. People are engaged in jogging, playing games and sports, practicing yoga, cycling, swimming, health clubs and doing other things to protect the body from diseases and various postural deformities. No doubt, physical fitness is an important part of the normal growth and development of an individual to lead an active lifestyle. As for as concern to the study Rural high school boys showed better performance in abdominal muscular endurance in 13 and 14 year compared to their urban counter parts. However, urban boys overshadowed their rural counterparts in 15 year age group. A declining trend in abdominal muscular endurance was noticed among the rural boys of different age groups. Among the rural high school boys of different age groups, 13 year boys had the highest abdominal muscular strength endurance compared to the other two age groups. Fifteen year age group had the lowest abdominal muscular endurance among the rural high school boys. Contrasting results were observed among the urban high school boys in abdominal muscular endurance. Thirteen year boys had slightly better abdominal muscular endurance than the 14 year age group of the same area. Fifteen years urban boys had the highest abdominal muscular endurance compared to the other two age groups of rural and urban areas. The lowest abdominal muscular endurance was observed among the 14 year urban high school boys. The differences in abdominal muscular endurance may be because of the physical education programmes adopted in rural and urban schools, the type of physical activities the boys engage and also the physical growth factors.