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Analysis of Anthropometric Measurements of Athletics and Judokas.. | Original Article

Sanjeev S. Patil*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


It is well known fact that sports is the only one area were modification and sculpturing(beauty) takes place on human body because of this in sports importance has been given to anthropometric studies .It is known fact sports training and nutritional diet brings a greater changes in anthropometric structure and size. So it is a present need of a day to understand and gain the knowledge, it is possible only by applying the anthropometric techniques. The application of anthropometrical techniques helps in understanding and developing athletic physique which helps coaches in identifying talent, designing individualized training regiments to suit each athlete according to the body build and helping athlete to maintain proper body composition. A rare study on anthropometry of south Indian sports family has heightened its importance for researcher to take above mentioned topic for the research. The main purpose of the study was to analyze the anthropometric variables Chest width, Knee width (R+L) , and Ankle diameter (R+L), of athletics and judokas. For this study data was collected from fourty National level athletics and players each. Subjects were selected randomly and the age of the subjects was ranging from 20-25 years. The data collected was treated with the statistical technique’s T test and found there is a difference between athletics and judoka.