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Analysis of Selected Anthropometric Measurements among All India Inter University Football Players | Original Article

Kiran Kumar H. K.*, Shivarama Reddy M., Ravindran G., in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The study was intended to analyze the selected anthropometric measurements among all India inter university football players. 165 football players from 9 universities, those participated in the All India Inter University football tournament held in Kottayam during the last week of December 2013, were selected as subjects with an informed consent. The age of the selected subjects ranged from 18 through 25 years. The selected subjects were categorized as successful team players (N = 58) and less successful team players (N = 107), and furthermore the subjects were documented for their playing positions (Forwards - 48; Midfield - 41; Defenders - 58; and Goal keepers - 18). The study was restricted to the selected anthropometric measurements, such as: standing height and body mass. The data thus collected from successful and less successful soccer players of different playing positions have been analyzed by two-way analysis of variance, simple effect tests, and post hoc tests. The results show that significant difference on height of the players exists between successful and less successful soccer teams, with regard to midfielders. It was also noted that significant difference on height exists among different positional soccer players categorized as less successful players, of which goal keepers are tallest and midfielders are shortest. However, the results also exhibited that statistically no significant difference on body mass for groups irrespective of playing positions, for playing positions irrespective of groups, and for the interaction of groups and playing positions.