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Anthropometrical and Motor Ability Variable as Predictors of Performance of Volleyball Players | Original Article

Rajeeva H. N.*, Tishoni Y. N., in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


A good volleyball player is, skilful, strong, knowledgeable and decisive such attributes may be naturally endowed by training and practice brings them to fore. The present study intended to assess the anthropometrical and motor ability variables that most importantly influence the university volleyball player’s performance. The necessary data was collected previous day of the competition, using panel of two expert coaches and a national player. The data was analyzed using step-wise regression. The analysis indicated the Anthropometrical variables viz., Height, Weight, Arm span, Arm length, Hand span, Hand length, and Leg length and the motor ability variables, Hand grip strength, Arm power, Leg power, Speed, Agility, Muscular endurance, and Endurance could be crucial factors.