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Biomechanics in Physical Education | Original Article

Pavan J. K.*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


During the early 1970s. The international community adopted the terms Bio- Mechanics to describe the application of mechanical principles in the study of living organisms. As it was realized after 1950 that the mechanical principles involving on the human body is entirely different from other things. Internal forces and take place under the effect of external forces eg. When we walk. A background of mechanics can help coaches to know their sport more, make them more confident about their practice and extent their knowledge beyond the technique to know the scientific reason. They will be better prepared to answer- Why we do it this way? Why should not I do this way? – Student deserves better answer than because as a coach- I said. • What technique is the best? • Should I teach this technique to my students or it is suitable only for top class Athletes ? • What is wrong with this individual’s performance and how can I correct it. • What exercise should I prescribe to improve this individual’s physical condition? The Bio-mechanics has derived from two words-Biomechanics. Bio means, something pertaining to living being or life. Mechanics -means, the discipline which studies the movement of object/motion of objects with the help of mechanical principles. Mechanics is a branch of physics which study the object/ from mechanical point of view. So, the knowledge of Bio-mechanics used to study and analysis the movement of living things. Any object is moving, it depends upon the resultant of various forces acting on the body.