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Comparative Study on Moto Fitness and Performance of Kho-Kho and Kabaddi Players of Gulbarga University of Gulbarga | Original Article

Shivaleela .*, K. P. Martin, Anilkumar Edward, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The need of primitive man were quite simple and basic but not of complex nature. He was supposed to have a certain amount of physical Fitness to indulge in some activities like hunting animals and fish the fighting the animal was essential for his survival. The learning of such important skills was his basic and first education and development of conditioning body through vigorous physical activity. The process of strengthening body and skills continued trough but the centuries serving is a vital skill for the effective living of man. Though it is a matter of fact that primitive man recognized the physical fitness is necessary to his survival. But it does not that the importance of physical fitness has been diminished to the modern man. The modern man cannot afford to complacent and forget its importance is not only maintains his efficiency and happiness but also it is the way of his survival in a highly competitive environment. The right kind and right amount of physical exercise develops organic and muscle power stamina, vigor and the activity skills related to his development. There is a direct relationship between physical exercise and physical fitness. The kho-kho players have better performance in motor components like speed, endurance, flexibility and agility than kabaddi players whereas in strength component kabaddi players are have high strength than performance. The kho-kho players are has better cardiovascular efficiency than the kabaddi players. In psychological variable aggression the kabaddi players are having more aggression than kho-kho players. In anxiety variable kabaddi players are having high anxiety than kho-kho players. The hypothesis which drawn for present study are found significant.