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Criteria Required to Became an Association/Federation Judge for Bodybuilders Competition | Original Article

Amit S. Jade*, A. G. Bujurke, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of the study is to set a criterion for candidates who want to become judges for bodybuilder’s competition. In bodybuilder’s competition, the judging panel selects bodybuilders on their definition, massiveness and symmetry to rank them. But my question is what are the criteria’s to become District, State or National judge. It is observed that, in District, State and National competitions, bodybuilders are eliminating or rewarding on the judgment of judges panel. But a question arises on whether the judgments given by judge’s panel are wise, impartial and trust worthy. According to me, I do think so. I have been noticing that, people who arrange for sponsorships or sponsor the competition are encouraged to become judge for bodybuilding competitions. Even the people who are just participants of District Level Bodybuilders Competition are used for administrative work during the competition, and are later at a period of couple of years, promoted as judges of District, State and for Nationals as well. My concept is to set criteria for selecting judges for District, State and National Level Bodybuilders Association/Federation. I have surveyed the competitions at different levels and noticed that the judge’s decision at the competitions are not been challenged by any frustrated bodybuilder. He rather takes it as fact or with sport spirit. There is no any rule or any permit at present to challenge the decision of judge’s panel. But at present my concept is to set criteria for judges and according to me, there should be an examination procedure every year for judges by their District Association of respective Districts and the results must be monitored and sorted by a governing body of State Level Body builders Association and later the result and consolidated sorted result sheet should be sent to the National Level Body builders Association and the results should be declared in the next National Level Competitions. If this protocol is followed in selecting the judges, the decision given in bodybuilders competitions will fare and impartial.