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Emotional Intelligence and its Effect on Interpersonal Adjustments of Sports Persons | Original Article

Venkata Chalapathi G.*, S. Suthakar, M. Shivarama Reddy, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


As early as 1940 he referred to "non-intellective" as well as "intellective" elements, by which he meant affective, personal and social factors Furthermore, as early as 1943 Wechsler was proposing that the non-intellective abilities are essential for predicting one's ability to succeed in life. The type of aggression witnessed in sport may be categorized in to athletes and spectator's aggression or hostility. Cox (1995) has listed several factors associated with the occurrence of aggression in sports specific context. Adjustment may be defined as the process by means of which the individual attempts to maintain a level of physiological and psychological equilibrium; or more simply. Adjustment refers to behaviour directed toward tension a reduction Implied in this definition is a state of harmonious relationship existing between the individual and his environment. The post graduate students have significantly higher emotional intelligence than the under graduate students. The players of both PG and UG degree have exhibited significantly higher emotional intelligence after training session than the before. There is a significant difference in the emotional intelligence between pre and post- training condition in both male and female sub-groups. The respondents belonging to both high and low aggressions have exhibited significantly higher emotional intelligence after training than before. The high aggression has significantly higher emotional intelligence than the low aggression after receiving training. There are significant differences in Basket Ball performance between internal and external adjustment of players: Internals have higher performance than externals. There is significant influence of education on volley ball test. The UG students are significantly higher than the PG students in volley ball test.