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Exploring the Selected Motor Fitness of Basketball and Volleyball Players | Original Article

Rudresha M. E.*, Virupaksha N. D., in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


In the last few decades, sports have gained tremendous popularity all over the globe. The popularity of sports is still increasing at a faster pace and this happy trend is likely to continue in the future also. A fit person one who is well adjusted to his environment, his mind and body are in harmony to meet the normal demands without undue fatigue. The Purpose of the study was to compare the selected motor fitness components of Basketball men players and Volleyball men players ‟. To achieve the purpose of the study thirty men players from each game were selected and administered with standardised field tests. The data collected was analysed by using statistical technique‟ t‟ test .Result shows that Basketball players are superior to Volleyball players in speed, agility and endurance. But in leg power Volleyball players are better than the Basketball players.