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Health Risk Factors of Aged People. | Original Article

Meenaxi Mutalik Desai*, M. Shivarama Reddy, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Most of us have been exposed to individuals who have developed a chronic disease and are aware of the excellent treatment they have received from our technologically sophisticated medical community. Today, physicians and hospitals are equipped with a wide array of diagnostic tools, advanced surgical techniques, medicines, and drugs to treat some of the major chronic diseases. In many cases, what may have been a fatal disease in the past now has a favorable prognosis for partial or complete recovery. Medical advances have been phenomenal during the first fifty to sixty years of this century and have been instrumental in eradicating many of the previous causes of premature death. Physiological changes associated with the aging process. A number of physiological changes occur during the natural aging process. Some of the changes, such as decreased visual ability, are not too preventable. However, others, such as decreased cardiovascular functions, may be prevented to some degree by a Positive Health Life Style.