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Importance of Yogasanas to Maintain Good Health | Original Article

Jayashankar .*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Yoga is an art form which helps in attaining good health and is for living a holistic life. It has been developed and perfected over the centuries by the sages and wise men of ancient India. Yoga is not a religion, a metaphysical doctrine or a philosophy. It can make amazing improvement in our health, appearance and youthfulness. Yoga has many benefits for both mind and body. Yogic exercise can be done by any age group and even by the most unfit people. Yoga is also the most comprehensive of all exercises as it benefits each part of the body. Life is the modern age, has become so complex that seen and unseen hazards to health have proliferated to an alarming degrees. Our environment has been so badly degraded that education for proper health care has assumed unprecedented importance. The healthy state is pre education for a life of joy of which peace or tranquility is the primary ingredient. As a positive state, health implies abundance of vitality and vigorous, alertness, clarity and posies. A truly healthy person is not even conscious of the of the functioning of any his internal organs. It is automatic and smooth, tension that may arise from external factors do not disturb this smooth functioning. Yoga improves mind-body co-ordination by increasing physical tone and awareness while improves mind and breathe control. Meditation has being proven to reduce anxiety, stress and muscular tension. Systematic and regular practice of yogasanas helps individual to become health conscious & gives that individual an idea of educating others regarding health, wellness and maintain good health.