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Mental Stamina – The Innovative Game Changer of Every Sport | Original Article

Sreekala Sunder Rajan*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The difference between a player and a winning player is most often their state of mind during the match. The crux of the any sport is victory in the game. The sport entirely depends on the sportsman which means it is has a high people dependency. Where people are the core, the mindset of individual or team is not just crucial but is the most impactful. The mind wavers but not the mindset. Thus setting the mind to make it a mindset is the secret of success. Better mindset equals better productivity. This paper looks at a level based approach to mindset management in sports. At what levels can the mind can be influenced for an individual as well as a team? This paper talks of some simple tricks and techniques that ensures that the sportsman can easily win if he focusses on his/her mindset along with physical education.