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Physical Exercise – The Mystery of Health and Fitness | Original Article

S. Vijaya Mahantesh*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Since from immemorable time it is said that a healthy mind and soul lies in a healthy body. A healthy body is not just nourished by a balanced diet but also with physical exercise. A daily schedule and buzziest life may a body away physical stress but brings near to the dangers and disorders which ultimate becomes fatal. A common denominator among people who successfully manage their weight and stay fit is that they exercise as a matter of habit. Physical exercise comes at the top of human priority list, one who avoids its will not just cheat his own body but also loose a chance to stabilize a normal weight and stay healthy for a life time. The most grateful blessed CURSE one who escapes from exercise is “OBESITY”. This seems to be carried as lovely legacy generation after generation. The long lasting ultimate alternative to rescue from this curse is physical exercise. In physical exercise each movement has its own Excellency which favours a human body to come out of risk presently and in future also. This present matter is mainly focused on obesity/weight loss as every 4th person sitting here is a prey of overweight; let’s search a boon to avoid it to be as every 1st or 2nd person. Lack of exercise makes a person confused to be extraordinary aware and also confused to have desired food for example if you wish to have a cup of tea (100 ml) during a friends chat meeting. We will be aware as you will take 70 calories more from routine when you are in diet not in practice of exercise. A single tea spoon sugar has 20 calories. These keep a mind disturbed, hurting and a body restless as you could not go with desired food at formal times. To cut shot such extra cups of tea, spoons of sugar, casual sit ups, stretching, bending etc. 1 tea spoon sugar is materialized by simple 35 – 40 sit ups. 1 cup extra tea is being neutralized by 20 times curling of legs, 20 times down and cross stretching. Thus you can make up to diet by only physical exercise.