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Role of Yogic Activity in Enhancement of Memory | Original Article

Arun M. N.*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Due to academic pressure and no physical activity students prone to more stress and loss there memory capacity, memory plays a key role in enhancement of academic performance. Yogic literature shows that yoga focuses on body and mind. Yoga is potential measure to control memory, behavior, and emotion and manage students in schools. Yoga controls the body balance. Yoga is ancient practice with higher consciousness. Memory is the capacity to recall recent incidence, past incidence, attention and concentration etc. Memory is the capacity to recall not only the past incidence but also to identify the objects which are seen in the past. The memory capacity of students is used to analysis the previous facts, incidence relating to school assemble the information in sequential order and interpret when required. The memory capacity of pupil various from individual from individual .the main aim of education is to enhance memory and direct them in the way to become productive and tackle the present world. The study was designed to compare the level memory variables from Ramnagar, Kolar and Anekel Districts. To achieve these purpose 300 students were taken as subjects. The age group form 14-16 years boys from secondary school were randomly selected. Percentile statistical method was used for conducting the study.