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Study on Physical Fitness of Physical Education and General Education Teachers with Different Levels of Teachers Adjustment in Secondary Schools | Original Article

Kishor V.*, S. Suthakar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The present study is to investigate the fitness of teachers with totally different levels of adjustment. This study was chosen as descriptive survey technique. The population of the study comprised of secondary school teachers working in government, non-public aided and unaided establishments of Bangalore Division. The sample comprised of 150 physical education teachers and 150 general education teachers selected by stratified random sampling technique. The Mangal’s Teacher Adjustment Inventory developed by Dr. S.K. Mangal was used to assess the adjustment level of teachers in the present study. The physical fitness variables such as Muscular Strength and Endurance of Arms and Shoulder measured by Pull Ups test in numbers; Muscular Strength and Endurance of Trunk measured by Bent Knee Sit Ups in seconds; Agility measured by Shuttle Run test in second; Explosive strength of Legs measured by Standing Broad Jump in meters; Speed measured by 50 Yard Dash in second. and Cardiovascular Endurance measured by 600 Yard Run in minutes. F test (One-way ANOVA) was used to examine the significant differences in the Physical Fitness in relation to their Adjustment levels. The ANOVA result shows that adjustment was influenced on improving the physical fitness of teachers.