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Innovation in Physical Education. | Original Article

Sujatha S.*, Swathi J., in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


is a driver of growth and well-being. New technologies, products, services and organizations create jobs and rejuvenate industries. This also presents new opportunities for innovation and improvement in education systems. Students are the future of school education. Developing in students, awareness of innovation and innovation capability has a special status and role of the education activity course is an important way to achieve it. For some people, the future for physical education is directed towards young people for their well-being and, more specifically, their current and future participation in physical activity and sport. Today, good physical education, health education is the top priority, along with safety education of students. In the beginning of every class, the teacher should take advantage of the regular class safety education for students. Dress must be sportswear, sports shoes, which are not accompanied with any accessories; in order to not to cause injury during sports activities, the teaching process is required to comply with classroom discipline, attention to the management of sports equipment and to practice in a manner to ensure safety of each and every player. Technology in this field has enhanced the classroom efficiency and promoting such innovation among students in order to keep abreast of the various technologies innovated and to use them in a manner that would only develop their skill set and not deteriorate in any way. This paper describes the innovation strategies for sports education in the future. Key Words  Innovation  Student – future  Creativity  Health  Well-being  Advantages